Magic Number? Do you know yours?

We've all got one...
A number. A magic number. Your magic number is the one that would make you feel like you "made it."
Like you don't have to worry about money anymore. So... what's your number?
Is it $100,000 a year?
$500,000 a year?
Take a minute right now and see what number comes to mind. Ignore any thoughts about how impossible it might feel to make that much money.
Just come up with a number that would make any money stress melt away, and write down the number or hold it in your mind.
Got it? Great. :-)
Now, most people never do what you just did. They never get specific about their magic number. They only think in abstract terms, like, "I just want to be RICH!"  That's like saying you want to go on vacation, without any destination in mind!
If you don't get specific about where you want to go, you'll never go anywhere. You'll stay right where you are, whether we're talking about taking a vacation or getting rich. So congratulations for getting specific about your number.
Now, once you've gotten specific, what do you have to do next? You have to take action, yes or yes?!
Think about that vacation idea again. You pick a destination -- great! Now you have to plan your transportation: driving or flying? You need to figure out where you'll stay. You may want to plan what you'll see and do.
There's sort of a system to planning a vacation, right?
Well, it's the same with hitting your magic number. You set the goal, and now you need a system to get you there. And there is a system. Even if your goal feels completely out of reach right now.
Over the next week, I'm going to share that system with you... for FREE. And not only can this system help you reach your magic number...
... it can make this the LAST YEAR you ever struggle with money.
Imagine what that would feel like...
To sleep easy knowing that you can cover your bills every month, even the unexpected bills like your heater breaking down in the middle of winter...
To know that you can afford a nice vacation, without putting it all on credit cards you have to pay off for the next year...
To feel secure about your retirement funds, knowing that you're savings will LAST you through your golden years...
That's the reality for a lot of people. And it can be your reality, too.


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